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It was over a great battle in the wilderness that God first revealed himself as ADONAI Nissi, THE LORD IS MY BANNER. Israel was wandering in the wilderness after miraculously crossing the Red Sea. Amalek was the enemy who came against Israel in Rephidim. In Sh’mot (Exodus) 17:8-16 Moshe (Moses) called on his young apprentice, Y’hoshua (Joshua), to lead the Israelites into battle while he stationed himself on top of a hill to pray. He had with him his brother Aharon (Aaron) and his assistant, Hur. As Moshe lifted his hands and prayed, the Israelites prevailed in the battle but when he let his hands down, Amalek prevailed. So Aharon and Hur set Moshe on a rock and held his hands up for him until the battle was totally won.

At the end of the day there was victory and Adonai told Moshe to write down what had happened and read it in Y’hoshua’s hearing. Adonai was looking ahead to the time when Moshe would be gone and Y’hoshua would be called upon to take over leadership of God’s chosen people. Y’hoshua would be the one to cross the Jordan River into Canaan (the Promised Land) and defeat Jericho. He would have plenty of battles ahead of him and Adonai wanted him to remember back to this one and the victory God had given them.

Instead of raising a banner, Moshe built an altar. In that day an altar was often used as a place of remembering or marking an important event. This is where Moshe called Adonai YHVH Nissi. He understood the revelation that God himself is our banner, our victory. He is the one who wins our battles. He still does that, by the way. Moshe also understood that “Nissi” means “miracle”. Adonai is our miracle. Do you need a miracle? When Moshe wrote that story down for Y’hoshua, he was also writing it down for our benefit so that we will remember these things as we go into battle. So let us raise our banners of praise unto Adonai knowing that He is our miracle, He is our banner. He covers us with His love!

It is remarkable that God says, when he tells Moshe to write down the story, that He “…will utterly blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven” (verse 14b). That means that this enemy would not rise again – he was defeated UTTERLY. In verse 16, however, Moshe says, “…the Lord has sworn: the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.” How is it that God is saying the enemy was completely defeated and yet that there would be future wars with Amalek in future generations?

Amalek, in this story represents our enemy, ha satan, who is active against God’s people in all generations. Even though the literal “Amalek” at that time was defeated by Israel’s army, other Amaleks would rise up against Israel and down through the generations to you and me. When you gather under YHVH Nissi as your banner, trust Him that the outcome of your battle will be the same as it was for Moshe and Y’hoshua at Rephidim. Adonai is saying there will always be war. Don’t be surprised by it. He is also saying He is always the winner!

Lift up a banner and wave it in the name of the Lord, YHVH Nissi, the Lord is My Banner. Proclaim! My God will triumph! My God will save! My God is a banner over me!

“We will rejoice in Your salvation, and in the name of our God, we will set up our banners! May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.” Tehillim (Psalms) 20:5